8 High Chute Power Feed Wood Chipper, VL-WC8RHD


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With the VL-WC8 RHD you can chip piles of limbs and branches with less work than burning. You will have perfect mulch for your garden, landscaping or bedding. It has a power feed roller and 4 reversible cutting blades and one adjustable bed blade to control chip size, making it perfect for mulch or bedding. It comes with a 300 adjustable, 82 high discharge chute.The 8 (WC8 RHD) version =72 sq. in opening under the feed roller. The power feed roller driveshaft has improved universal joint design. Comes with an Emergency Foot and Handle Power Feed Shut Off. The flywheel speed is 1220 (r/m), weight 165 lbs., diameter 24 . The new tube frame design makes for a better foot print. It doesn t sink into soft ground as easily as the side angle frame.At Betstco Value-Leader our service department is staffed with professional technicians that inspect each machine before it is shipped. This ensures that you get a trouble free machine from the get go. When you need technical help or parts, our courteous staff can help you get what you need from our fully stocked warehouse. We keep a full line of replacement parts, and we can ship parts within 24 hours.VL-WC8 RHD Series Wood Chipper comes with a 2 year warranty and is extendable by 2 more years, for a total of 4 years, for an additional fee at the time of purchase. Parts are available thru Bests Products Parts Department. Call (541) 895-3083 to order parts, place an order or speak with our knowledgeable Support Staff.

Parts available at Betstco Parts Department.

Additional information

Weight 900 kg
Maximum Feed Capacity

8" Diameter Largest sized material chipper is able to safely cut.

Minimum Tractor HP

26 HP Lowest PTO Operating speed necessary to operate chipper.

Feed Roller Design

Standard Universal Joint/Power Feed.

Safety Shut Off

Foot & Handle Gives you the added peace of mind and control to shut off the machine should something become lodged in the chipper.

Flywheel Weight

185 lbs. The heavier the flywheel, the more potential energy it holds, the less engine power it takes to keep it turning. The heavier flywheel uses less energy (gas) and chips those tougher limbs more easily.

Flywheel Diameter

Standard 24 inches

Flywheel Speed

Standard 1220 R/M

Opening Below Feed Roller

Standard 8" X 9" (72 Sq In)

Cutting Blades

4 Reversible Blades are precision cut high grade hardened tool steel. Hardening increases performance and extends life of the cutting edge, maximizing the performance of the chipper.

Bed Blades

1 Reversible Reversible and sharpenable to extend the life of your blades.


5 Ribbled Multiple belts ensure a positive transfer of power to your chipper.

PTO Drive Line

04 Series 30" included w/ Shear Bolt Designed as a safeguard to break to protect implement once force is applied.

3 Pt Connection

Cat I Allows for easy connection to a wide range of Cat I hitch tractors 20 HP to 50 HP.

PTO Speed

540 RPM Standard Cat I PTO Speed.

Net Weight

840 lbs

Shipping Weight

864 lbs


2 Year