Sales, Support, and Service

541-895-3083 M-F

7am-4pm PST

Q: Where are you located?
A: Creswell, OR 97426

Q: How much is shipping?
A: Shipping is $220 flat rate for the lower 48 states. Alaska, Hawaii, territories, and some smaller island shipping extra.

Q: Does the product come with a PTO Shaft?
A: Yes, it does!

Q: “The PTO shaft that came with the machine is too long. How do I fix this?”
A: “These PTO shafts are designed to be cut to fit. Each of our machines come with a PTO shaft manual with directions on how to cut the shaft to fit. You can also find many videos on youtube that can explain how to trim your PTO shaft.”

Q: How will my product be shipped to me?
A: Via FedEx Freight in a steel crate with a truck or semi-trailer. Most often it is a full semi-trailer.

Q: Do you put oil or grease in them already?
A: No, the units come dry. They must be greased and filled with oil as recommended in the manual that comes with the product.

Q: Where is my order confirmation or a tracking number?
A: Double check your spam folder to see if an order confirmation or tracking number was sent to you. Some times this email ends up in spam. If you still haven’t received a confirmation or tracking number, send an email to:

Q: Where can I find reviews on your products?
A: Under every product information at the bottom are customer reviews for products.

Q: Do you sell box scrapers?
A: No, we do not.

Q: Why are prices on Amazon/eBay/Walmart higher than on your website?
A: Those websites all offer additional services and financing options that we do not offer on the website. Costs associated with the additional services and options offered on these sites are reflected in the pricing.

Q: Do you have any local dealers?
A: At this current time we do not. We ship directly from our Creswell, OR location.

Q: Where are we measuring the horsepower? At the tractor engine or at the PTO?
A: We measure the Horsepower from the PTO.