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  • Fits all tractor brands with standard Cat-I three point Hitch
  • Self contained hydraulic systems does not use your tractors hydraulics or a dangerous hang on pump
  • Custom top link systems and double triangle 4th point mount removes the requirement of a sub-frame
  • Parts and accessories in stock plus a Large selection of optional bucket sizes
  • Large selection of optional buckets sizes.

The VL-BHM6 Compact Tractor Backhoe was specifically designed for todays Compact Tractors. The BHM6 is a fully intergrated design that assures you of trouble free operation.

  • 4-Way ISO Joy Stick Control
  • Multiple Bucket Sizes
  • Thumb and Ripper Available
  • Self-Contained Hydraulic System
  • Total System Designed for Maximum Efficiency
  • Backhoe Will Operate with Tractor at an Idle
  • PTO Driveline Included Free of Charge
  • Itialian Control Valve
  • 3-Point with 4th Point Stabilizer
  • Will connect to 3-Point Cat-I or Cat-II
  • 12″ Bucket Included, Exchanges available.
  • For Complete Specifications see Brochure under Additional Resources below!

Built For The Job

Betstco Value-Leader backhoe attachments are a perfect combination of size and power. Light enough to move around, yet strong enough to get the tough jobs done. Some backhoe attachments boost heavier weight, but weight is not power or durability. Additional unnecessary weight only adds stress to the frame of your tractor. Betstco Value-Leader VL-BHM series backhoes attachments are manufactured using heavy Q-235 (American standard ASTM A-36) structural steel plate, the strongest plate steel available. The pieces are CNC laser cut so that they fit together perfectly, and are then precision welded. This combined with our superior design and high quality components provides the best backhoe value available.


180 Degree Boom Swing

The boom on our VL-BHM6 series Betstco Value-Leader allows for 180 degrees of swing from one side to another. This allows you to dig into those tight spots and dump the dirt where you want.


Rust Resistant Powder Coat Finish

Betstco Value-Leader VL-BHM series backhoe attachments offer a superior powder coat finish that is baked onto the steel. This finish is thicker and much more durable than paint to keep your backhoe attachment free from rust and looking good for years.


Quality Hydraulic Controls

Betstco Value-Leader VL-BHM-series backhoe attachments are equipped with hydraulic control valves that are made in Italy. Italian ISO pattern hydraulic controls are known for their high precision designs and offers some of the most dependable products on the market. These are the highest quality hydraulic control valve available for a PTO backhoe attachments, and offers extremely smooth and reliable operation. The hydraulic control valves on a backhoe attachments are the heart of the backhoe. Our control valves are second to none and offer smooth dependable operation.


Replaceable Hardened Bucket Teeth

These hardened teeth will last a long time, but are a easy to change when you need to.


Fully Self Contained Hydraulic System

All Betstco Value-Leader backhoes attachments are equipped with an integrated hydraulic pump and tank. No need for hydraulics from your tractor or to hang a pump off your PTO. This design is superior because it ensures the proper flow and pressure are achieved at all PTO speeds. This ensures that the hydraulic valves operate correctly. No need to try and match a backhoe to your tractors hydraulic flow and pressure. The hydraulic pump integrated into the backhoe removes pump hoses that get damaged, are in the way and the insecure and often unsafe pump loosely connected to the tractor’s PTO shaft. Connection with a PTO shaft means a secure safe connection. This design makes connecting the backhoe to the tractor easy. Just back the tractor in, attach the pins and connect the PTO shaft.


Standard Hose Fittings

Betstco Value-Leader VL-BHM series backhoe attachments utilize JIC (Joint Industrial Council) hose fittings and are rated for 5000 psi. For you this means that if you ever need to replace a hydraulic hose, that your local hydraulic or parts store can make hoses while you wait. JIC fittings are widely used in hydraulic fluid transfer and typically very easy to come by. No reason to chase down an adaptor because of mismatched threads.


Spin-on Oil Filter

Betstco Value-Leader VL-BHM series backhoe attachments use a spin on oil filter that can be cross referenced with Napa, Baldwin, Wix, and others. These easy to change spin on oil filter makes servicing your VL-BHM-series backhoes attachments breeze.


Support Before and After the Sale

At Betstco Value-Leader our service department is staffed with professional technicians that inspect each machine before it is shipped. This ensures that you get a trouble free machine from the get go. When you need technical help or parts, our courteous staff can help you get what you need from our fully stocked warehouse. We keep a full line of replacement parts, and we can ship parts within 24 hours.


Four Sizes to Choose From

Betstco Value-Leader offers VL-BHM series backhoe attachments in four sizes to accommodate almost any category 1 or 2 tractor. Our VL-BHM5 with a digging depth of 5 + to our BHM8 with a digging depth of 8 +. The purchase of BHM5 backhoe attachments includes 12 wide bucket. Optional 9″, 16″, 24″ tooth buckets and 35″ wide smooth buckets available.


Value-Leader Buckets

Holes center to center 177mm / 7″ hole diameter 30mm / 1 3/16″ Between Plates 124mm / 4 7/8″

Comparison Chart:

6+ Foot Dig

Model: FH-BH6 VL-BHM6 BH6600 LW6A WM-6600
Net Weight: 1060 lbs 1120 lbs 713 lbs 1036 lbs 995 lbs
Reach: 102″ 102″ 101″ Not stated 102″
Bucket Force: 2590 lbs 2425 lbs 2451 lbs Not stated 2450 lbs
Intergrated Hydraulics: Yes Yes No No No
Pump Provided: Built In Built In hung off PTO shaft no Yes 1 piece
Use Tractor Hydraulics: No No No Yes No

Dated 02/01/2017

Additional information

Weight 1350 kg
3 Point Hitch

Cat. I

Digging Depth

6' – 7'

Overall Reach out


Operating Height UP


Dumping Height


Swing Arc (Dual Cylinder)

180 Degrees

Stabilizer Width

4'6"(up) 7'4"(down)

Dipper Boom Digging Force

1875 lbs

Bucket Digging Force

2425 lbs

Bucket Lift Capacity Extended

900 lbs.

Bucket Size Included

12" – 3 teeth

Included Bucket Capacity

1.10 (cu ft)

Bucket Rotation

195 Degrees

Cylinder Diameters


Control Valve Type

(2) 4-way & (2) 2-way joystick

Hydraulic Tank Capacity

5 Gallon

Hydraulic Pump Details

PTO Driven w/in-line Filter

Optional Buckets Size

7", 9", 16", 24", & 35", Thumb, Ripper


2 Years


1156 lbs.

Crated Weight

1350 lbs.