78 Flail Mower/Mulcher Rear opening HD-3pt. Cat.I/II w/HM Blade & PTO 05100LFB


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The GKK/GKKH Flail Mower/Shredder has an adjustable offset that can be set manually or hydraulically with the optional hydraulic cylinder. for working on grass, leaves, vine , brush, pruning’s and Branches.

The GKK model is a versatile machine, suitable for mowing grass and above all shredding/mulching twigs and pruning residue. Thanks to the robust structure and oversize rear roller this mower quickly cuts up to 3 material. The machines offset can be moved sideways with a mechanical or hydraulic system (optional).

The robust structure of the GKK is suitable for commercial / professional use. Maximum application versatility on any type of residue, from open fields to orchards. Rear bonnet can be opened for maintenance purposes or to allow you to quickly cut materials that you do not need to finely chop. Allowing the mower to expel the cutting out the rear of the bonnet. This option should only be used in areas where there is not risk having material throw out the rear of the mower deck.


  • Universal three point hitch with mechanical offset (optional hydraulic)
  • Cat. 1-2 hitch
  • Cast Iron 65 horsepower steel gears Gearbox for PTO. 540 RPM.
  • Free-wheel overrunning internal gearbox clutch
  • SKF bearings ( 100mm) positioned in the side panels.
  • Integrated adjustable roller and side skid units
  • Electronically balanced rotor
  • Hot forging tool steel Shredding hammer style blades 3 1/2 wide 27 oz.
  • Front safety chains .
  • Adjustable stretcher for belt adjustment is easily accessible.
  • EC full width front safety guards

Rear opening panel on the mower deck allows for easy access when changing or inspection blades.

Heavy forged Slasher hammers on a 6 diameter rotor shaft that is computer balanced. Mounted to SKF brand bearings.

6mm thick steel side plates are laser cut and robot welded for exact fit. External hose for greasing the SKF rotor bearing so you do not have to remove the belt cover.

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