5 Self Feeding Wood Chipper, VL-WCX5


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VL-WCX5 Wood Chipper is based upon the Wallenstein BX42 with a few minor modifications that make this Self feeding (Pinch’n’pull) a great and reliable wood chipper for up to 5″ inch diameter branches.
The heavy flywheel with air paddles and twig breakers allows it to work well with tractors of 15 to 50 horsepower. Tractors under 25 horsepower may find that maximum diameter/length of materials they chip may need to be reduced based upon material being chipped and amount being loaded into feed chute at the same time.
This chipper is a direct connection to the flywheel with the provided driveline. Our heavy 115 lb flywheel is what allows this unit to outperform other BX42 copies with 75-80 lbs flywheels. The flywheel is the heart of the wood chipper a low mass flywheel requires tractor horsepower to do the work. Using more fuel and taking more time. The flywheel has four 8″ knives (made from hardened tool steel). The knifes are reversible, sharpenable and/or easily replaced. The bed blade knife setting against the flywheel blades slices material up to 5? in diameter The 540 RPM PTO speed creates air suction which throws the chips and prevents chip jams in the bell housing. The discharge funnel has a height of 58″ and can be turned 270 degrees with an adjustable throwing angle. Throwing chips toward the operator is blocked. The shredded material can be thrown up to 25′ in distance making it easy place the chips where you want them. The WCX5 is designed for easy maintenance. The flywheel cover is opened by removing only one screw to get access to the knives.

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